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Ireland is
"White unto harvest"

It's not just Irish people,
but  4.2 million souls!

The Craig Ledbetter Family Webpage

Sarah, Nita, & Craig Ledbetter,
Celebrating 23 years of serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Ireland!

Yes, you found us!
    And we have been here all along! Serving the Lord in Ireland as Church Planting Missionaries for the past 18 years! What a story we have to tell! It's the wonderful story of Jesus, who has so marvelously changed our lives, and is transforming lives here in Ireland still today! Just take a look at the Bible Believing Church that the Lord has raised up here in Cork, Ireland! Its link is there on the left! It will thrill your heart to see so many people in love with God's Son, and wanting to win their nation to God!
    My wife Nita and I have five amazing children, three of which are in the United States, one is married hre in Ireland, and we have one left at home!
    We welcome your contact with us, and as a pastor, I care about your soul, and pray that God's word would convict you of your sin, and show you that your only hope is in the saving power of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, who, just as was prophesied, died for such a sinner as yourself, was buried, and rose again! It's good news, when you realize that God actually WANTS you! He just waits for you to want His Son! Will you repent of your sinfulness, and stubbornness, and your hard-heartedness, and ask God to forgive you for Jesus' sake? He paid for all your sins in FULL! And with HIM, you can finally live to the full!

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June 2016 Newsletter




Our 2009 Furlough
It was our very first furlough! Track us as we traveled for 3 months through the United States during the Summer of 2009.

2012 Furlough!

We crisscrossed the USA for 4 months, reporting to the remaining churches of all the wonderful things that God has been doing here in Ireland!

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Bible Baptist Church of
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